Monday, April 30, 2012


Last night, while I was doing dishes, my Dad came down stairs and said that he had a former student whose parents had tickets to Wicked tonight. Then he told us that they weren't feeling well and were offering us the tickets. I was excited, but knew that my Dad and Mom were probably going to go, and I would have to watch the kids. Thankfully, I was wrong! My Dad has been so busy lately with his concert at school and now that he is finally done with that, he wanted to spend time with the kiddos. So I got to go!! It was absolutely amazing! We got to sit in orchestra section B! It was so cool! We wouldn't normally go to a show on a Sunday night, but these tickets just fell right into our laps! The actors were absolutely amazing in this cast. Glinda and Elphaba had the most INCREDIBLE voices! And the actor who played Fiyero (Andy Kelso) went to Eaglecrest and UNC! I really had fun with my Mom and am so thankful we were given these tickets! What a fun night!

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