Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rockies game and my Mom's birthday!

I love baseball. I think more than anyone can understand. I seriously wish I were a boy so I could play in the Majors. It's my unattainable dream! Haha. Anyway, we had a great time tonight at the Rockies game. It's my Mom's birthday and we decided to go out as a family and with some awesome friends (The Poulson's!) and enjoy a game of ball! We always get to sit behind home plate because my Dad is friends with the guy in charge of that section! He rocks! Unfortunately, the Rocks lost, but it was so close! It was still awesome anyway. I could live at the baseball stadium. It is THE BEST. It was cool to see some of the players from the Dodgers too. And Don Mattingly. He's a legend.

So my Dad called me earlier in the day and told me to have Ella and I make a card for my Mom for her birthday. He said specifically to draw a dog on the card. I immediately asked, "OH MY GOODNESS DID YOU GET A PUPPY??!!" :D. He said no, but he was going to let my mom pick out a puppy! I'm excited! So are the kiddos! And my Mom! Now it's time to go looking for a sweet little puppy!

Here are some pictures from this fabulous day!

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