Friday, May 13, 2011

No U2 for me :(

So here's the story...
My Uncle and Aunt reserved tickets for my cousin Malena and I to go see U2 as a graduation gift to both of us. Well, Bono ended up having back surgery, so the entire show was postponed to the next summer. Well, this summer has been approaching and my Uncle checked on the tickets, and it turns out the guy's brother sold the tickets!! I was horrified because I was so looking forward to this concert because I LOVE U2!! Well, a few weeks later a family friend had some good news: Her friend had two available tickets!! I couldn't believe it! I was going to pay $112 to see U2! But, apparently I waited a day too long to confirm my plans to buy the tickets because THEY WERE SOLD TOO! :( So, it looks like I am not going to see U2, my favorite band in the entire WORLD. But I am lucky to have such good family friends that tried to find me some tickets. But it still sucks. I'm slightly heart broken.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Red Neck Sledding :)



Books I've completed in 2011!

I want to read (and finish) as many books as I can this year! It will be interesting to see how many I can finish!
I challenge you to do the same if you like to read! And even if you don't, it's all about picking a book that you know you will enjoy! So, Give it a try!!

1) The Other Boleyn Girl- Finished on 3/31/11
My comments: When I first looked at this book, I wanted to read it, but was pretty intimidated by the size of it! I made a dicision to finish it, and once I did, I really began to enjoy the story, and couldn't get enough of it! I loved the movie, and that's the reason why I picked it, but It's very different from the movie. But, if you liked the movie, you will LOVE the book! There is so much more information and detail in the book!

2) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- Finished on 4/10/11
My comments: I loved this book! When I was younger I didn't really get in to the Harry Potter books, but I LOVED the movies. I am glad that I have decided to read the books, because it just makes me more of a Harry Potter fan, and love it even more! On to the next!

3) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- Finished on 4/24/11
My comments: Even better than Chamber of Secrets. Once you start one Harry Potter book you have to read the next one! I am excited to read the next one, but first, i need to go back and read the Sorcerer's Stone!

4) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Can't remember when I finished! Probably around 4/30/11
My comments: I liked it! I read through it pretty quickly though! I was too excited to read Goblet of Fire! But, i gotta say, I am pretty proud of the amount of books I have completed since March!

My College experience!!

Eventhough, I only completed 3/4 of my Freshman year, I still have some incredible memories and experiences I would love to share! Starting with my lovely room mate Kaitlyn Lundeby!

The day I got to UNC was exciting and I was so ready to start this new chapter of my life! I had never met my room mate and only found out who she was the night before move in day. I desperately hoped that she would be someone who I could talk to, trust, and have fun with. Luckily, she was all those things and more! God really had a hand in my college experience, and he started with giving me the most incredible room mate I could have ever asked for. We NEVER fought, and that was something we were both proud of! I would always over-hear people talking about their room mate drama and I was so thankful that Kaitlyn and I didn't have any of that! We joked and laughed and didn't complain about eachother. We had the same cleaning habits and interests, and had a blast being in choir together! And although, I always joked that she belonged in a mental institutuion, because of her craziness, the truth is, I probably belong in a mental institution too! :) She was so kind, and so thoughtful, and made me tea when I was sick! I seriously lucked out getting her as a room mate! And I truly miss her everyday!

Memory #2) All the crazy times with Talile and Adel!

Talile and I have known each other since Sophomore year of H.S. and she has always been one of my very best friends! She ended up rooming with Adel and I became good friends with her as well! We would watch movies and t.v. shows and laugh until we cried! I specifically remember watching Meet the Parents, The Hangover, and The Producers! We laughed so hard that night (yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss) haha :) Inside joke! I also remember putting on green face masks at Cami's and pretending we were zombies. And of course, Chili's for T's birthday and all of the crazy night driving in Greeley! I will never forget all the times we went to jazz concerts and when we saw that old drunk man who got us in for free! Tailie and Adel were definitely a big part of my good times at UNC.

Memory #3) UNC choirs!

UNC choirs are incredible. I was so glad to finally be in a choir where I felt EVERYONE was at the same calibur. I will never forget singing "The Messiah" with all of the choirs combined, it was a breath-taking experience! Women's Glee was so much fun and I absolutely loved the music we sang (I finally got to sing Whitacre!). And Women's Jazz was unbelievable! I felt so at home there and Angela was the greatest director anyone of us could have ever asked for! I miss it everyday!

Memory #4) Institute/Church

Gosh, what can I say? It was incredible. I loved all of the people at Church, and I miss them so much! I was able to meet and be friends with so many great missionaries, and other ward members. I had the BEST home teachers who would teach Cami and I over tea parties where we would all speak in British accents! Everyone was so welcoming and I truly miss FHE on Monday nights! The most incredible thing that happened within my church memories was when one of my very best friends, David Kelly got baptized. I have known and loved him since we first met in 6th grade, and to see him accept the gospel will be something I will never forget. The moment he came out in his white baptism clothing I began to cry. I was just so happy.

Memory #5) Cami!

Before I went off to college, the thought of not going to the same school as Cami was both terrifying and horrible! I was so relieved when she decided to go to UNC as well! I can't imagine my college experience without her. We ate almost every MEAL together! :) Being at UNC together made our friendship stronger and we were there for each other when things got a little stressful. She was fully supportive of my decision to leave early if I was sure that it was the right thing for me, and it definitely was. I am so thankful to have her in my life and I will love her forever!

Overall, my college experience was almost PERFECT. I am glad i have chosen to take a break though, and I will be so excited to go back when I am ready. Even though I only completed a semester and a half, I DO NOT regret it. Going to UNC and leaving UNC were some of the best decisions I have ever made!

#6) Micaela and Crystal!
I loved living next door to Micaela, because we would knock on the wall in between our rooms to say hi :) It always made my day! And I will always remember when Micaela let me borrow every season of Friends! And I loved watching it with her! I love her so! And seeing Crystal always made my day! She is the kind of friends that even if I don't see her every day I know that we will be friends FOREVER! I <3 you girl!

Stop thinking about yourself

I have been feeling really sorry for myself today, and I realized I am being such an idiot. There are other people who are going through harder times and dealing with harder things than I have ever experienced. I need to realize how blessed I am and stop feeling sorry for myself.