Friday, May 13, 2011

No U2 for me :(

So here's the story...
My Uncle and Aunt reserved tickets for my cousin Malena and I to go see U2 as a graduation gift to both of us. Well, Bono ended up having back surgery, so the entire show was postponed to the next summer. Well, this summer has been approaching and my Uncle checked on the tickets, and it turns out the guy's brother sold the tickets!! I was horrified because I was so looking forward to this concert because I LOVE U2!! Well, a few weeks later a family friend had some good news: Her friend had two available tickets!! I couldn't believe it! I was going to pay $112 to see U2! But, apparently I waited a day too long to confirm my plans to buy the tickets because THEY WERE SOLD TOO! :( So, it looks like I am not going to see U2, my favorite band in the entire WORLD. But I am lucky to have such good family friends that tried to find me some tickets. But it still sucks. I'm slightly heart broken.

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