Sunday, June 24, 2012

Museum day with Dad!

Yesterday, I went to the new Colorado History Museum with my Dad.  We had been wanting to go for a long time and finally found a time to go together! One of the things I have in common with my Dad is a love of history.  We both are history nerds!  The new building is AMAZING! It has about 5 levels and its just beautiful inside. There is also a cafe in the building that has gluten free bread and really decently priced, yummy food!  I had a great time spending the morning with my Dad doing something that we both love.  Take a look at the pictures I took!  :)
This is a fun little thing inside the Keota Schoolhouse exhibit.  You could take a picture of yourself and make it look like you were a part if the school yearbook!  I am in the top right corner!

The General Store was cool as well.  We could look at the prices of every day items back in the 1930's and see the difference between the prices then and now.  We could also "purchase" items on a touch screen TV and see the amount of money we spent compared to the amount of money families made in the 30's.

This old model T Ford was very cool.  You could sit in it and watch a big screen simulation of you driving in a farming field.

This yellow home is modeled after an actual house in Keota that has been continued to be painted yellow for years by those who's descendants lived there.
                                            Dad doing some acting in front of a group!

`                                                      Inside the yellow house!

The outhouse!
                                                  hahaha just takin' a dump ;p
                                                             The barn

                                                              Inside the barn!

The picnic table
 This picture makes no sense with the sentence written but I DIED LAUGHING!!

With Dad!

Bent's Fort

                                       There were some very cool touch screen stories!

Silverton Mine Exhibit

                                           There was a dynamite game that we played!

The exhibit about the Japanese Camps in America during WWII.
I was very surprised to learn that there was one of these very camps in Colorado.

Tatonka :)

                                            The most surprising thing I learned at the museum was that there was a MASSIVE amount of Klu Klux Klan members in Colorado in the 1920's.  The information read that they may have had even more members in Colorado ALONE than in ALL of the southern states combined.

An exhibit about the history of skiing in Steamboat Springs!
There was a very cool ski jump simulator where you could stand on the skis and watch yourself jump and land!  Dad and I both scored a 300!

                                                    An actual olympic medal

                                                       More actual olympic medals

The Sand Creek Massacre Exhibit.  The history of it is appalling.  It was VERY interesting.

                                                          This man, Silas Soule was killed for being a remarkably good person.  He refused to participate in the massacre.

Lego-rado!  The creators made a HUGE Colorado land out of legos!  They made a future Colorado, a present Colorado, and an old time Colorado.

My yummy chicken salad sandwich!

           This was my yearbook photo!  I wanted to make it look authentic, so I didn't smile. HAHA!
I ended up just looking seriously creepy!! I bet that Lizzie Bourden looked like this. HAHA!