Monday, May 14, 2012

Our new puppy!

Recently, we got a puppy named Mowgli!  He is a pug mix, but doesn't look like a pug at all.  He has a lab face with small features, tiny paws, and a curly little tail! He is all black except for some white on his chest and paws!  He is such a spit fire!  He was very cuddly and quiet at first, but now he is absolutely crazy!  He must be feeling more comfortable in our family!  I like to cuddle with him and carry him around.  The kids absolutely love him, and so do my Parents and I.  Tinkerbell however, is still trying to adjust!  She has been kind of grouchy and territorial, but I think she is coming around! She has started to play more with him but still puts him in line when he gets too rough.  Mowgli has been a lot of fun and we all love him very much!  Here are some pictures of the cutie pie!

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