Sunday, April 8, 2012

20 Random Facts About Me!


2) I am Mormon

3) Singing is my life

4) I have been to Boston, Washington, Hawaii, California, Idaho, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, Germany, Austria, and The Czech Republic!

5) I love to laugh! I pretty much laugh all the time :)

6) I

7) I can't wait to get married and have been planning my wedding since I was a kid!

8) I absolutely love animals

9) I love to write

10) I enjoy reading!

11) I love listening to film soundtracks

12) I love 80's music!

13) I can't whistle

14) I LOVE getting mail!

15) I love babies!

16) Baseball is one of my favorite things in this world!

17) I love sweet potatoes, chocolate, and ice cream!

19) My favorite holiday is Christmas! Halloween is my second favorite!

20) I LOVE going to the movies!

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