Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shawn's Service

How do you celebrate the life of someone you miss? You get together with your friends and others and talk about your memories with that person. Today, I got to do just that, except in a MASSIVE church with a BILLION people. It just goes to show how many people loved and cared for Shawn! There was a lot of music, and that's how he would have wanted it! I felt blessed to be able to sing with some of my friends from Eaglecrest and do it in honor of Shawn. His spirit was there with us throughout the entire service and hope everyone felt his presence there with us. We got to listen to many of the songs written by Shawn and it was amazing how all of the lyrics seemed to fit the situation. Like he knew he was going to leave us at the tender age of 20 and that we would need these words to help us through the grief. I forgot just how cute he was when he played guitar. He always had this adorable, child-like face when he concentrated on something! As everyone was sharing their memories this morning I was able to think about a few of mine. Like when he would steal my purse in choir and kick my chair forward! How he would smile at me sometimes during choir when our eyes met. And my favorite memory of all, slow dancing to "Don't want to miss a thing" with him singing it in my ear. That was my Sophomore year. But it feels like yesterday. I only wish I had been able to tell him just how much he meant to me. He knows now. And I feel his comfort in these difficult times. Today, I wrote a poem for Shawn and I would like to share it with you:

For my beloved Friend, Shawn

Silently, he took you in his arms and you flew away. He had a better plan for you, and

so, you could not stay. He wrapped his arms around you and said, "Hello, My Son," he

wiped the joyous tears from your face and whispered, "Well done." You looked down

upon us and saw that we were weeping and let your spirit touch our hearts of

memories we'd be keeping. You left your music here to stay, so we know you're not too

far away. Your voice will be heard from the Heavens above, singing down to us of your

endless love. You taught so many lessons just by being you. Your smile, your art, your

gentle heart, is sure to help us through."

Love, Keeley

One of my favorite songs by Shawn:

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