Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holidays!

This year we went to my Grandma Pat's house for Christmas. We went up the day before Christmas Eve and spent time with my Aunt KK, Reed, and Livi! It was so fun being up there and relaxing and playing games. On Christmas Eve, my Uncle Mike and Aunt Kaycee, and all my cousins came up! Kian and Ella were loving getting to spend so much time with their cousins! They got to have sleep overs and play games! It was wonderful being at my Grandma Pat's house on Christmas! It has been years since we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them! A few days later, we went up to Johnstown to spend a few nights with my Grandpa John and Grandma Charlotte! We exchanged gifts and had lots of fun! I got a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble! It was great!! :) Kian and Ella got gift cards to Build A Bear Workshop and they LOVED it! It was fun getting to watch them pick out their bears, name them, and dress them! They had such a blast! It was great being in Johnstown and I wish we could have stayed longer! On New Years Eve I went over to my friend Lindsey's house and played games, talked and went crazy during the countdown! I love her to pieces! And I'm so glad I got to see her before she goes back to school! Overall, the holidays were WONDERFUL this year and I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful family and great friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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