Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Lifestyle

I am trying a new diet called the Snack Factor Diet, and am hoping to get back in shape! I am still trying to figure out the diet a bit and am trying to get used to it. But renting a diet book and 3 work out videos has to count for something right?! I am thinking of blogging about my diet and posting photos and updating about my weight loss. And it would really help me get motivated if i knew people were reading my blog and checking up on my progress. If you are someone who can help me out by reading about my dieting adventures, leave me a comment! I would really appreciate it! Thanks! XOXO


  1. Alright then, step one complete, go for step two lady! :) - Coty

  2. Hey that sounds great! I am actually doing the same thing eating better and exercise! You can do it Keeley! Although I don't really think you need to lose weight :)

  3. Keeley, You will be successful at whatever you do and I will enjoy following your progress. I understand your desire to want to be healthy and strong, but remember you are ALWAYS perfectly beautiful.