Sunday, November 3, 2013

Florida Day 2- The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

I would have been happy enough to just go to Disneyworld, but my awesome parents bought my Mom and I a day at Universal Studios so I could go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  I was so excited!  I couldn't wait to geek out!  My Mom and I headed over to the park while my Dad and the kiddos went to a children's museum for the day.  There were so many people at the park, especially the Harry Potter area!  We walked through some of the other areas of the park before reaching the Harry Potter part.  There was an awesome Dr. Seuss part of the park and it was so cool!  We spent some time there too, getting ice cream and looking in the shops.  When we got to the Hogsmeade entrance I started to get really excited and turn into the massive Harry Potter geek that I am!  The whole part of Hogsmeade was so crowded but I didn't care!  That's one good thing about going to a crowded High School like I did; you can move through a crowd like no one's business!  We took some pictures by the Hogwarts Express train and then grabbed some butter beer!  That was yummy stuff.  My Mom wasn't a huge fan of it, but I could have had ten of them!  The shops were exactly like the movies and books and I could have spent all day in them!  I was so happy with how much attention to detail there was!  The 3 broomsticks was awesome!  The food they had was so yummy and I LOVED the inside of the building!  The Hogwarts castle was amazing!  I loved the inside of it!  You had to walk through the castle to get to the flying ride!  I LOVED the flying ride, but my poor Mom felt a bit sick for a while after!  The cool thing about the inside of the castle is it has all of these important statues from the books and movies and the mirror of Erised.  It also has Dumbledore's office and the Defense against the dark arts classroom.  Every time you walk into a new part of the castle there is a hologram of the actors talking to you and it's really cool!  I tried to take pictures while walking through the inside but it was pretty dark and the flash on the iphone is useless!  There was also a really cool area with talking and moving pictures just like from the movies.  I was geeking out so hugely by this point! Haha!  We grabbed some candy from Honeydukes and then went over to the Jurassic Park area and went on that ride. We got SO soaked!  On our way out we hit the gift shop and I took about an hour and a half to choose what I wanted to buy!  There was SO much I wanted!  I ended up choosing a Hogwarts pillow that is super cute and a really cool time turner keychain.  I also got a Salazar Slytherin card from my chocolate frog from Honeydukes! I had such a blast at Universal and I'm glad I got to go with my Mom and have some Mom/Daughter time!
I was having a singing in the rain moment

The inside of the 3 broomsticks!

Truffula trees!

Inside the castle

You can't see it, but Sirius' face was moving!

Mom and I in front of the castle!

Jurassic Park! (excuse my face haha)

Chocolate Frog!

Inside Zonkos!

The pensieve!

The entrance to Dumbledore's office

Soaked after the Jurassic Park ride!

In front of the Hogwarts express

The fat lady!

Inside of one of the shops

Train station lockers

3 Broomsticks

From Zonkos!  I should have gotten it...

The house points!

The buildings were so cool!

In Dumbledore's office!

Our butter beers!

Inside Honeydukes!

Islands of Adventure!

My hair actually looked good that day.  And then it got wet...

The sorting hat!

I was pretty much thinking about Seussical the whole time...I wanted to break out into my Sour Kangaroo songs!

Inside the Hog's Head!

Harry, Ron, and Hermione

Hog's head!

Outside of the 3 Broomsticks

The ceiling in the 3 broomsticks was so cool!

The moving portraits!

Mom and her butter beer!

The line for the ride!

Seuss Landing

My butter beer! So yummy.

The Lorax!

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