Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a lovely Easter this year! We always do, so it was no surprise. :)
I started off the day by hearing all about the gifts in the kiddos baskets (which I already knew all about because I played the Easter bunny this year!). I forgot to take a picture of the baskets but they were very cute! Kian got some candy, Spider-Man beyblades, a plant kit, bubbles, a coloring book, cars cup, a hot wheels car, and a cute stuffed animal turtle. He was so excited! Ella got, a coloring book, candy, lip balm, bubbles, a Disney book, nail polish, a plant kit, a princess cup, and a stuffed animal dog. She love it! As for me, the Easter bunny (aka me) got me a book, an avengers cup, the Jane Eyre movie, candy, and some cute notepads. Never shopped for my own basket before, that was a first! Mom had a late night gig so it became my responsibility, and I think I did well! I also sang in church and got a lot of compliments and enjoyed doing it. We then headed to grandma's house and had a late lunch and hunted for eggs! I love my family! Happy Easter, everyone!

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