Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012!

This year we spent Christmas with my Grandparents in Thornton (my Dad's parents)! We had a blast because like last year, my Aunt and Uncle went up too! Which meant that Kian and Ella got to spend three days straight with most of their cousins! I loved being there all together. I know we all did! It was a blast! I was looking forward to it for weeks! We went down after church on the 23rd and began our festivities! The kids immediately started playing together and us adults had a great time playing games (scrabble!) and cooking! I am so grateful that my Grandma Pat is so good at remembering my food allergies! I didn't even have to worry about any meals! And later on we made some g-free gingerbread cookies for me.

On Christmas Eve, we had our traditional oyster stew and ham and bean soup (which is so yummy) and read a Christmas book called "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado! We also sang some carols and opened up our gifts from Grandpa and Grandma. We also decided to do a gift exchange between the cousins this year and we enjoyed opening those gifts as well! I got my cousin Joanna and made her a little card scrapbook that said all of the wonderful things about her. I really
Enjoyed making it! And I think she liked it too! After the kiddos went to bed, we wrapped up any gifts that hadn't been wrapped yet and stuck them under the tree. We had piles of presents this year! (The pictures dont even show half of them!) We were all so blessed!

On Christmas morning we woke up and began with our stockings then moved into the family room to open the presents under the tree. We went in order and had fun seeing what gifts everyone received! After all of the presents were opened, we went to the kitchen and had some french toast that my Uncle made on his new griddle! It was delicious! Later on that night, during our yummy Christmas dinner, the Gudenkaufs came by to say hello. They are good family friends and it was nice to see them!

The next day we headed over to my Grandparents' house in Johnstown (my Mom's Dad) and spent the day with them! We would have stayed longer but unfortunately I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out early the next morning! We still had a great time though. We played Disney Hedbanz, (which was a ton of fun), Skip-Bo, opened gifts, and had some yummy food! I even made some of my super good herbal raspberry iced tea that I got from Barnes and Noble! It was a hit! My Mom and I got my grandpa all set up on Facebook which was fun too! It was great to spend time together and chat.

Christmas was great this year! It did feel like it went by kind of quickly, but we still had such a great time! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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