Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Acne problems

Hey all,
First of all, thanks for reading this. I need some serious advice! I have had terrible acne for the last few months, and by terrible, I mean ATROCIOUS. The worst I have ever had. Does anyone know of a good product for Colorado's dry weather? I have used Proactive before and it worked pretty well, but I think it was created for people with oilier skin. I have very dry skin and need something that won't completely give me rashes and such. I am literally at the end of my rope. I mean I don't even want to go out in public. So please please help! What have you used? What do you think might work for me? Oh, and I tried doing the birth control thing, but the pills just made me really depressed so I had to stop taking them. Please help!


  1. I have heard that the "Yes To" products are pretty nice! They have a large variety of things so you can select those that match your skin best - maybe a combo of something from the Yes To Carrots (good for moisture) and the Yes To Tomatoes (good for clearing acne). Check it out here under "Face Care":
    Good luck!
    - Andrea

  2. I had such a horrible time with acne. I first tried proactive, it was horrible. I then was prescribed a topical cream with antibiotic pills. it worked for awhile, then it got worse. I took accutane. BEST DECISION EVER. It was expensive. Luckily I have great insurance. It was a rough six months, but I'd do it alll over again if I had to.
    Make all of your makeup nonoil based. Any makeup that is natural or mineral based is great . Stay away from liquid foundations unless it's physicians choice or Almay.
    Wash your face with products like Noxema or cetaphil. Walmart carries an off brand of cetaphil.. works just as good!
    Only wash your face morning and night and after working out. never wear makeup while exercising!
    Also moisturize your face before applying makeup.. i use cetaphil!

  3. I used product after product for years and nothing KEPT working even when they worked for a while...UNTIL I started using the Enfuselle by Shaklee. Now I have used it for 15 years and I have NEVER had recurring skin problems again. I have combination skin with dry problems and sensitive skin (prone to rashes and breaking out). Now my skin is happy and if I keep my hands off it is BEAUTIFULLY clear -- even at THAT time of the month. Between that and the multi-vitamins I take, my skin has never been happier. Nutrition from the inside and the outside=happy, clear, younger-looking skin for LIFE! <3 You! I hope you find what works best for you FOREVER! PS. Their Mineral Mask ROCKS!!

  4. Get the topical cream and antibiotics. I have a super sensitive stomach so the antibiotics mess with it sometimes, but it is SO worth it

  5. Hey girl! My acne just recently went crazy too. I don't know why, but I tried a couple things. But this is what has worked for me and has seemed to heal my break outs and it has also made my skin not so dry. I honestly just use Cetaphil cleanser. you can buy it at walmart. Also occasionally I will use some baking soda and water to remove all the dead skin (do this very very sparingly or it will dry out your skin more.)I also stopped washing my face in the mornings-crazy I know. But my skin has improved so much. I wash with the Cetaphil cleaner at night and then don't even wet my face in the morning-unless I shower. It seems like my face just knows what to do. I also use neutrogena sensative skin face lotion morning(before makesup) and night. It is awesome. My skin has started to look a lot better and heal. It also isn't as dry. Here is the link on the Cetaphil so you can see more about it. And like I said walmart has got it all. :)

    My fiance uses it as well. :)