Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A moment that I had to share

I experienced an incredible moment today that I had to share. I was on the way to pick up a friend when I drove by the funeral home where Shawn's viewing occurred. Every time I drive by this place, I say, "love you, Shawn" or, "miss you, Shawn." I think about Shawn, my eyes well up a bit and I go about my day. But, today was different. As I drove by, I said my usual words to Shawn and came up to the stop light as it was turning yellow. I am the kind of gal that drives through a yellow light. But I didn't this time. I sat in the car and looked across the street at the funeral home. As I turned back around, I felt this overwhelming feeling of love. Like nothing I have EVER felt before. It was like my heart had stopped and my chest gradually grew stronger with that "butterfly" feeling. It was so strong and pure that I knew exactly what it was. It was him. It lasted for about 30 seconds. It's impossible to explain how pure and deep this feeling was. I have never, in all my life, felt like this. It was supernatural. It was not a feeling that happens every day. I knew immediately it was Shawn. My eyes filled with tears but I was not sad. Not in the least. I felt so much love that all I could do was smile. I am so thankful for this experience that Shawn gave me and that God blessed me with. I know that Shawn is still near, watching over all of us. He has not left us. He is near by. I know that we all miss him, but he is alright. He is happy.

I love you, Shawn. Thank you for today. ❤️

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