Monday, November 14, 2011

My musical experience at CCA!

When I went to pick up my books on my first day at CCA I stumbled upon a poster about musical auditions. It was for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I had heard of it, but honestly knew nothing about the show. I thought, "hey why not?" So I went to sign up for an audition time, not knowing how important this show would be for me. I had come home to do the Community College thing for a while while all of my friends were still up at UNC, and I felt SO alone. When the time came for my audition, I sang a song from Thoroughly Modern Millie, and did a cold read (because memorizing monologues makes me freak out!). I thought I did pretty well, and was pleased with myself. I was told to come back for call-backs and I was pretty excited. The day of call-backs was nerve wracking for me. I didn't know how they would go, and if anyone would talk to me (I am not much of a social butterfly). Thankfully I wasn't completely ignored, and people were nice to me. But at times I did feel awkward, considering almost everyone else knew each other. After the call-backs I went home and enjoyed the weekend. I got a call on Sunday saying that they wanted to cast me in the role of Rona the spelling Bee host. I was really excited to have gotten such a great role, and was excited to get back to performing. The first day of rehearsal, which was a read through, was great because I got to see the people who I would be spending the next couple of months with.

Everything was going great, and then our director, Stacey had to quit the show. We were all sad that she had to leave, but we all knew her daughter was WAY more important. Colleen came in and worked her butt off, as well as Kerry, our musical director. Although, it was stressful and sometimes difficult for me to come to rehearsal I am so thankful that they saved this show. Not only was I able to do what I love (performing), I was able to meet some really incredible people and make friends. I didn't feel so distant from my friends at UNC because I had new friends that were helping me feel welcome at this new school. I can't begin to count all of the inside jokes that were made, and the jokes told, and I wouldn't change a thing!

I am so thankful to have had so many friends and family come see the show! My Parents, Aunt Mary, Uncle Stan, Grandma and Grandpa, Cami, Mrs. Fowler, Brielle, Skylar, The Pesek's and Danny! Thank you!! And thank you to everyone in the cast and crew who took me in and made me feel a part of the family! :) I love you all!

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