Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sister Dinner!

My little sister, Ella and I decided to make dinner together for the whole family. Except sadly, Dad didn't get to try it! We found two recipes on pinterest last night and after school today, she and I went to the grocery store and got our ingredients. I have to say, it was actually lots of fun shopping with her! Once we had our ingredients, we came home and started cooking! Ella grabbed a chair and stood on it so she could reach the counter!

We started making our "Spinach Rotallini" first, and combined all of the cheeses, vegetables, etc. that we needed and got our hands dirty!  We stuffed the chicken with all kinds of yummy cheeses and spinach. And then rolled it in bread crumbs!

After we popped the chicken in the oven, we started on the Mexican street corn. I measured out the corn, and she poured it in the pan. We added the herbs, sauces, and cheese and then mixed it all together. It tasted like the kind of spicy corn on the cob that you can get at fairs!

Ella and I were very proud of ourselves and excited to try it all! Mom loved it and so did we! Kian of course ate Mac 'n' Cheese.

I hope I can do more things like this with her in the future, because it was a great way to spend some quality time together, and have some fun!

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