Monday, February 13, 2012

My new job!

So I have been working at The Goddard School for about 4 days now and I absolutely LOVE it! They are long hours, but I will get used to them! I am already getting sick from being around so many snotty nosed children! But it's worth it to not have to work a boring, crappy job! I love being able to cuddle, teach, and play with the kids. I love that they run up to give me hugs and call me Ms. Keeley! They are so sweet and adorable. I already have a few favorites! :) the first is Gracie. A little red headed girl about 1 1/2. She runs up to me and hugs me and lights up whenever I come to see her. I seriously love her and want to carry her around all the time. The second is Banks. He is precious. He loves to sit with me and show me all of his toys. He has this sweet face and he makes me laugh. Third is little Declan. I call him Deck. He is 10 months and such a cutie. He is a sweet heart. I love to hold him and cuddle him. He is my little buddy. He loves when I tickle his back and give him a little "baby massage." Haha :) I do miss seeing my baby loves, Kian and Ella at home but I am grateful to have landed such a great job! :)

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